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ChaCha Noor Din’s KAPTAAN CHAPPAL, a shoe inspiration in love of his leader is REPRESENTING & BUILDING NATIONAL IMAGE OF PAKISTAN in Universe

ChaCha Noor Din is official shoe maker of IMRAN KHAN & inventor of world’s most popular contemporary sandals known to the whole world as KAPTAAN CHAPPAL.

In 2014 ChaCha conceived an exclusive design of sandal to present to Imran Khan, essential to be worthy of his stature and signify NATIONAL IMAGE has to be COMFORTABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT to become replacement for imported trainers, which Imran Khan use to wear before he adopted Kaptaan Chappal, and DURABLE for toughest walkway of life.

ChaCha Noor Din designed KAPTAAN CHAPPAL and presented it to Imran Khan during Azadi March sit-ins 2014, since its permanent part of Imran Khan’s national dress code in all national and global appearances, Kaptaan Chappal is REPRESENTING & BUILDING NATIONAL IMAGE OF PAKISTAN AMONGST THE WORLD.

ChaCha’s love for his leader instantly became popular not just among urban youth of Pakistan but international designers like Paul Smith and French shoe designer Christian Louboutin also took inspiration from it.

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